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Weaving in Norfolk Island

22 September 2010

Receiving a text message at 4:15 am in Norfolk Island from my eldest son in Christchurch saying “massive earthquake” was the shocking start to my last day on the island( though fortunately, my home was undamaged.) I had just spent a week tutoring a series of flax weaving workshops

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Bands for the boys (and girls)

12 November 2007

I ran my first flax weaving workshop for “at-risk” teenagers last weekend, and was a little nervous before the workshop, because I wasn’t sure that all the participants were coming to the workshop entirely of their own free will, and if they weren’t it might have made for an uneasy atmosphere.

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Weaving a flax belt

30 July 2007

Weaving a flax belt is reasonably straightforward — a first-time weaver completed a belt on the second day of a workshop I tutored last weekend. Using the same basic pattern, it would be easy enough to add your own modifications and create a unique item. The belt made in the workshop

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