Flax weaving instructions

photo of a flax flower photo of a flax fantail photo of a woven flax wristband photo of a flax belt photo of flax foliage in pot

Gathering flax
Where to find flax, which species to use, Māori protocol, selecting and cutting the leaves, storing cut flax, and disposing of scraps.

Preparing flax
Making strips for weaving, checking strips for quality, softening
strips, making fibre ends, boiling, drying and remoistening strips.

Dyeing flax
Dyeing flax with commercial and natural dyes, and getting different
dye effects.

Weaving a flax flower
Ko te raranga i te putiputi
A quick and easy project for a beginner in flax weaving, which can
be woven from any variety of New Zealand flax The instructions are available in English and in Te Reo Maori.

Weaving a flax fantail and netted flax
A fun project for anyone, using either fresh flax or netted and dyed flax.

Weaving an open-weave basket
This is for more experienced weavers who know how to start a kete with a plait base start.

Other weaving projects and techniques:
Wristbands — another good project for beginners
The Step Pattern — a pattern to weave around wristbands and handles
Flat star and 3D star suitable for decorations or gift-wrapping
Four-plait cord, a curved four-plait suitable to make a koru, spiral and jewellery and a six-plait cord suitable for hanging a pendant or as the handle(s) for a basket
Jewellery made with curved and enclosed four-plaits
Belt with a greenstone buckle — these instructions require a basic knowledge of flax weaving
Angel made with shredded flax, and another design for an angel, with long flaxen hair
Ideas for using flax for foliage including instructions for shredded flax foliage ideas.
Finishing an edge — a simple, straight edge on a piece of weaving
Flax butt handles for baskets
Adding a coloured pattern to existing weaving
Adding natural materials to flaxworks — these instructions require a basic knowledge of flax weaving