Flax weaving workshops

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image of weaving workshop
image of weaving workshop
image of weaving workshop
image of weaving workshop

In my workshops you will learn to weave:
A small 2-cornered basket, or kete, using traditional weaving techniques, similar to the smaller baskets in the front of the second image on this page. This is a versatile basic technique which can be used for a number of different projects. Alternatively, you can learn how to weave a large container, or waikawa, similar to the larger baskets in the third image on this page, using a different weaving technique that uses the whole flax leaf. Some people manage to weave both! There is also the opportunity to learn to weave a couple of the simpler flax flowers.

Examples of some of the workshops I’ve run

Since 2016, I have been tutoring on behalf of Tutoring for Charity Trust, and have held half-day and full-day workshops raising funds for various charities of the trust's choice including Catapult Employment Services Trust and KidsCan

Examples of other workshops I’ve held:
• Charity workshop at Sefton Hall 2016 held to raise funds for my 92 year-old stepmother's only grand-daughter to return to New Zealand from the UK and spend some time with her grandmother. We raised over $1,000
• 2-day workshop for children at Camp Quality 2015
• Weekend workshop on Waikawa Marae 2012
• 2-day workshop in Hanmer for the Amuri Autumn School
• 2 short presentations on flax basket-weaving for the 2012 Creative Fibre Festival
• 1-day workshops in Waikuku for Waikuku Artists Inc
• A series of workshops in Norfolk Island for the Norfolk Island Community Arts Society
• 2-day workshop in Methven for the Methven Summer School
• 2-day workshop in Mount Somers at the Minerals to Art Festival
• 2-day workshop in Queenstown for the Queenstown Art Society
• 2-day weekend workshops in the Christchurch Arts Centre
• A team-building workshop for an insurance company
• 1-day workshop for a Floral Art Group
• A series of creativity workshops in a primary school for an art/craft module
• Short workshops in the Christchurch City Council’s Kidsfest holiday programmes
• Children’s workshops in holiday programmes for OSCAR and primary schools
• A co-operative flax weaving project for the delegates at the national OSCAR conference