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Translating this site into Te Reo Māori

14 September 2019

I’m pleased to say that my online instructions for Weaving a Flower from New Zealand flax are now available on this website in Te Reo Māori as Ko te raranga i te putiputi. For several years I’ve been wanting to translate, firstly, the instructions pages and then the whole website

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Weaving a sun visor hat

25 October 2018

When I notify buyers of my books that the books have been sent to them, I ask them how they found out about my books. There are many answers to this question — people have heard about them through friends

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Earning an income from your craft

25 March 2018

I recently updated the Links page on this website and added another section for links to on-line instructions and courses. Exploring these confirmed an impression I’d gained through contacts on

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