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Flax weaving for gifts

25 June 2015

In Māori tradition, the first piece of flax weaving a beginner completes is given away and the giving of flax gifts extends this tradition. Weaving flax gifts can be both satisfying and fun and makes for both economical and very acceptable gifts.

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Weaving a remembrance poppy

1 April 2015

Each year in New Zealand, as ANZAC day draws near, various crafted poppies, a world-wide symbol of remembrance for people who have lost their lives in war, start to appear. Poppies are usually made from paper or cloth, and more recently knitted poppies have become popular.

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Netted flax flowers

29 July 2013

While preparing a third edition of my book, Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax, I experimented with making flowers from netted flax, and the new edition now includes several netted-flax designs. I’ve also just updated this website based on my new understanding of the legal situation

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