“Fun and Functional Flax Weaving” book

7 December 2020

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The book I’ve been writing, Fun and Functional Flax Weaving, is now available for sale through the Shop page of my website. From delicate cords for jewellery to rugged hefty thick ropes used in outdoor art, from useful bottle carriers and decorative flask holders to toys for children and pets, window blinds and table runners, mobiles and fiery dragons, this book shows how basic weaving, knotting and plaiting techniques can be used for the creation of any number of useful items that have wide appeal.

Weavers of all levels should find something to spark their interest. Even though many projects can be achieved by those with little or no weaving experience, there are also projects which require previous weaving knowledge — for those who want to extend their weaving repertoire or who like a challenge.

Different techniques are used in each project and so it’s also suitable for a course book — as well as for individual weavers and groups. Buyers of my previous books have commented positively on their easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations beside the written instructions. You can see these comments under the Ali’s books section of my Blog. More illustrations from the book are shown on the web page Book on fun and functional flax weaving. The samples in the book are woven with New Zealand flax but any natural or manufactured material that can be made into long thin strips can be used for most projects, including palm leaves, strapping, bark and paper.

If you buy the book, do post a comment below if you can see how it might be improved, or post a question if any of the instructions are not entirely clear. Also if you have any photos of your weaving based on projects from this book, I’d love to see them.

The book can be purchased directly from me, along with my other books, Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax, Weaving Baskets, Backpacks, Boxes and Other Projects and Weaving a Large Container from New Zealand Flax. I do hope that people find this book useful and even inspiring. Happy weaving!

7 Responses to ““Fun and Functional Flax Weaving” book”

  1. Ali Says:

    Here are a few of the email and Facebook comments received regarding this book:

    From Alexandra:
    I have three of your earlier books and I love them. Last night one lady from my weaving group brought your new book to class and we all were very jealous :) I ordered my own copy as soon as I got home last night. It’s going to be my Christmas present and I’m super excited about it. During the lockdown I could not attend my classes and found your books easier to follow than some online videos.

    From Emily:
    Aloha Ali, Mahalo for sending me your books. I am excited to see them. I am a long term lauhala weaver (pandanus) from Hawaii. I first saw your Weaving Flowers book on the Internet last year and made a mental note to order it someday soon. My friend, Lisa Robertson was in New Zealand, and I believe met you. She had your flower book and highly recommended it to me. I went to your website where I saw the 4 book set and thought it was time to place my order.

    From Anna:
    ooooo….I can’t wait!! I found out about your books through your facebook page Ali Brown Weaving, which I have been following for quite a while. I have been a basketmaker for over 40 years now and got interested in flax weaving when a Maori lady came to Tasmania and held a workshop for us many years ago….but I left raranga for a while and wove mostly melon baskets and willow baskets. When my arthritis flared up for a few years I found willow too hard to work with, which re-awoke my interest in weaving with flax. So I did the online courses with Veranoa Hetet and then when I saw your books online, I pounced on them! I take them to every meeting and every state and national get-together and, so far, no one else has seen them so I point them in your direction! They are beautiful and easy to follow and I love them.

    From Brownyn:
    Kia ora Ali, Many thanks for your email. I have been working through your books and they are wonderful.

    From Peggy M:
    I bought one each for myself and the library. Gorgeous books!

    From Fiona L:
    Hi Ali – I am doing a Certificate of Maori and Indigenous Art at Te Kokiri in Levin. It is part of Te Wananga o Aotearoa’s programme. My tutor told me about the books. I look forward to receiving them.

    From Karen:
    I follow you on facebook and saw a post about the book. I have your other three books (love them).
    Can’t wait to make the kiwi!!

    From Shirley:
    Hi Ali, wow an amazing book. I belong to your Facebook page, it became a must have as soon as I saw it.

    From Kari:
    I bought your flowers one years ago probably when it was the only one you had done, I ended up bringing it into work so much or getting the others out of the library we finally decided to get the set for here (A creative space for people in the mental health community. We don’t do harakeke weaving a lot, but they are a great resource and inspiration to have on hand.

    From Adam:
    They are all fantabulous books, perfect for your wish list.

    From Heather:
    That dragon is next level!!!!

    From Alison C:
    Book has arrived safely. Looking forward to making some kiwi.

  2. Ali Says:

    Email received from Wendy:
    Kia ora Ali So pleased to see you’ve created another pukapuka. I started teaching some fun simple weaving to mental health clients so have just purchased it to increase my knowledge of making smaller faster projects with them. Excited about receiving it, Meri Kirihimete.

  3. Kathleen Bailey Says:

    I was so excited when I found out that another book was available and ordered a copy immediately. I love the way in which the photographs show so very clearly each step with instructions to back them up and the photographs of the finished products as an inspiration.
    I think you have a very rare combination of talents Ali - a talented and creative weaver, who is a skilled teacher, able to break down the work into a series of steps, provide very clear photographs of those steps and write clear instructions to explain them. Thank you for all your work, it is truly appreciated!

  4. Ali Says:

    Thank you for your comments Kathleen. I do put a great deal of effort into taking the photos and writing the text so that they are understandable for all levels of weavers so it’s always good to hear my efforts are worthwhile. Any comments for improvements always welcome though! :-)

  5. Michelle Dawson Says:

    I purchased the bundle of 4 weaving books and love them. Clear instructions and pictures and creative fun ideas. As a total newbie to weaving some steps are not easy without someone there showing you but the books have helped hugely. I’m excited to practice and be good enough to produce some beautiful pieces. Thanks


    Hello Ali,

    Yes, the 4 books arrived on Tuesday 13th! Most impressed with the packaging! I will begin to devour these books in the next few weeks. Very clear instructions indeed!
    Many thanks
    Nga Mihi

  7. Ali Says:

    Kia ora Michelle and Carolyn, I’m glad you like the look of the books and i hope you find them useful. happy weaving!